About Us
A.E.S. Is a Texas based company that dedicated
its facility to the aircraft industry
by focusing in gse equipment "tri-pod & axle jacks"
we have mastered the repair process

For instances  a standard hyd shop will clean and reseal
most of the time not paying much attention to barrel size

A.E.S. Has a 4 step  process
1.Magnaflux  barrel for cracks.
2.Mic barrel from top- middle- bottom to insure  barrel size.
3.Machine hone barrel to uniform size.
4.Then machine new piston to fit barrel.

You maybe thinking why go true this process ,why not just

By doing this it insures that jack will seal better which will
perform  better.

"when jacking up million dollar airplanes its just better
knowing it done right"

A.E.S. Has over 25 years of experience  in rebuilding jacks for
the aircraft industry